CLAM 0.98



We are glad to announce CLAM 0.98 a.k.a. ‘Mac is here to stay’.

This is the first release not developed within the MTG since its main developers now work at the GTI, also at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Still, CLAM is very indebted to the MTG people.

Most of the work has been on having stable building, testing and packaging on Mac. Check out the MacOS download section on the web for applications DMG’s. We have received valuable and stimulating input for the MacOS build from Christopher Tignor, Volker Schumacher, Eduard Aylon and StĂ©phane Letz. Thank you all for your help.

Apart from MacOS build, this release features KDE integration for NetworkEditor and Prototyper (so you can open network files from Konqueror), MFCC’s added to Annotator’s extractor example, and several fixes (thanks James).

FLTK module has been dropped and it is not being compiled by default. It will be completely removed on the next release. Check out the changelogs for more details.

Next release will consist mainly on bugfixing towards 1.0, so please tests and report as many bugs as possible.


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