Linux Journal on CLAM


We recently discovered a not-so-new article in the Linux Journal with a review of CLAM.

Read on to see what Dave Phillips says about CLAM and its apps. It’s really good feedback!

I built and installed the CLAM software on my AMD64 machine, then I downloaded and built a variety of example applications. I must note here that CLAM is intended for application development, working with the Qt UI designer to provide a complete environment for developing high-quality sound and music programs. The first tutorial takes the novice quickly through CLAM basics and then develops those basics into a standalone application (via the Network Editor, itself a standalone CLAM application). The process is easily learned, and the user interface so well-conceived you’ll be a DSP maestro in a jiffy. Well, not really, and of course the more you know about the subject the sooner you’ll get predictable results. But anyone can use the Network Editor, and who could have guessed that designing DSP software would be so much fun ?

Figure 2 shows off Voice2MIDI, a standalone application based on the CLAM development software. The complex process of converting PCM audio into MIDI data depends on specialized audio analysis tools, just like the tools found in CLAM. Voice2MIDI analyzes a monaural soundfile and renders its pitch contour into MIDI note events, a valuable utility for composers. The program works as advertised: I loaded a spoken-word soundfile, analyzed it, then rendered and saved the analysis to a MIDI file. From this point I can edit the MIDI events in the multitudinous ways provided by modern Linux sequencers such as MusE and Rosegarden, creating accompaniments perfectly syncronized (or not) to the original audio. Very cool stuff.


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