CLAM at Catalan Free Software Conference – See you in Girona!



We’ve been accepted this paper on Visual Construction of Audio Applications with CLAM in the 6th Jornades de Programari Lliure, which this year is held in Girona.

So next week –yes, that soon!– CLAM developers –Pau and David at least– will talk and (mostly) do live demos of the cool visual application construction features. The conference program seems to be still provisional. We’ll update this news as soon as the timetable gets confirmed.

Update (July 5th): Our talk will be Friday at 13:30. Just a little bit later than (another) interesting talk on GStreamer and Elisa by Andy Wingo, one of the Fluendo guys –a company also also based in Barcelona.

We hope to meet many old and new friends there. See you in Girona!


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