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Clam developers at the Blender conference

November 24, 2009

Clam developers Pau Arumí and Natanel Olaiz recently presented some new work in the fantastic Blender conference in Amsterdam. The talk was about a technology developed at BarcelonaMedia involving an innovative usage of Blender for 3D audio using CLAM for the audible-scene rendering and decoding and Ardour for playing out to any loudspeaker-layout. It was really nice to meet Blender developers and artists, and the overall conference was fun and a great experience! Now we expect to collaborate more with the Blender project in the future.

Our talk was entitled: Remixing of movie soundtracks into immersive 3D audio

The summary:
We present a use of Blender for an innovative purpose: the remastering of traditional movie soundtracks into highly-immersive 3D audio soundtracks. To that end we developed a complete workflow making use of Blender with Python extensions, Ardour (the Digital Audio Workstation) and audio plugins for 3D  spatialization and room acoustics simulation. The workflow consists in two main stages: the authoring of a simplified scene and the audio rendering. The first stage is done within Blender: taking advantage of the video sequence editor playing next to a 3D view, the operator recreates the animation of sound sources mimicking the original video. He then associates the objects in the scene with existing audio tracks of an Ardour session with the soundtrack mix and, optionally, adds acoustics properties to the scene prop materials (e.g. defining how a wooden room will sound) to render acoustics simulation using ray-tracing algorithms. In the second stage, a specification of the loudspeakers positions used in the exhibition is given, and the Ardour session with the soundtrack is automatically modified incorporating all the Blender’s edited sound scene, the necessary routing, and the 3D audio decoding plugins such as Ambisonics and other techniques implemented with CLAM.

The slides are available (we hope to add the accompanying videos soon).


CLAM at Catalan Free Software Conference – See you in Girona!

June 29, 2007


We’ve been accepted this paper on Visual Construction of Audio Applications with CLAM in the 6th Jornades de Programari Lliure, which this year is held in Girona.

So next week –yes, that soon!– CLAM developers –Pau and David at least– will talk and (mostly) do live demos of the cool visual application construction features. The conference program seems to be still provisional. We’ll update this news as soon as the timetable gets confirmed.

Update (July 5th): Our talk will be Friday at 13:30. Just a little bit later than (another) interesting talk on GStreamer and Elisa by Andy Wingo, one of the Fluendo guys –a company also also based in Barcelona.

We hope to meet many old and new friends there. See you in Girona!

CLAM 1.1, The `More eye-candy, please` release.

June 11, 2007


After a very intense development months since the last 1.0 release, the CLAM crew is glad to announce that CLAM 1.1 is ready to download. It comes with many new features and code clean up. Most important improvements are found in the Visual Prototyping front: new 3D-looking widgets, new data viewers and control surface; and a simplified way to bind controls between the user interface and the processing network.

This release has been cooked-up under the umbrella of the Interactive Technology Group at the UPF lead by Josep Blat. So we thank their support! It also features the work from contributors such as Zach Welch; as well as the first patches from Google Summer of Code program —for example LADSPA and FAUST support and some work on Annotator widgets.

A summarized list of changes follows. See also the CHANGES files for details. New audio related widgets were added to be used on the NetworkEditor and the Prototyper. Such widgets include data views such as the BarGraph which can display LPC’s, MFCC’s. Nice control widgets were also added. The ControlSurface, for instance, to control two scalar parameters by moving a point. Some widgets were gathered from the LAC community, such as PkSampler PovRay generated widgets, and nice knobs we enhanced from QSynth and Rosegarden. Thanks to the developers of those projects for making them GPL and being so supportive while integrating them in CLAM. With all those widgets, users now can visually build more appealing applications such as the new examples we include with Prototyper: A real-time gender change, or real-time spectral effects.

The TonalAnalysis (Chord extraction) now takes advantage of fftw3 performing 4 times faster! The KeySpace visualization was also optimized so now tonal analysis runs even on very slow computers.

NetworkEditor and Prototyper usability have been enhanced. They exploit the new in-control bounds parameters to automatically set up bounded control senders widgets. Also, NetworkEditor have proper multi-processing selection features.

On different fronts, the code-base has been reduced by getting rid of Fltk and Qt3 modules since we are now focusing on Qt4, and the documentation have been restructured and now it offers new programming how-tos.

A very promising summer (of code) !

April 12, 2007

Today Google announced the accepted Summer of Code students.
And it wasn’t 1 or 2 neither 3 it was… 6 granted students. A huge success!!

First of all, we are very thankful to Google, but we want to specially thank to all of those who applied and we hope you stick with us even if you weren’t accepted. As we already said in the lists we were overwhelmed by the quality of the applications and it was really, really hard to rank them.

Inscriu-te al summer of code amb CLAM

March 16, 2007


El SoC de Google ja accepta inscripcions . Per més informació, consulta la pàgina wiki de CLAM: GSoC 2007.

Aquí hi ha els flyers. Ajuda’ns a fer-ne difusió!

SoC flyers

March 16, 2007


We’ve done some quick flyers (with inkscape) to promote the GSoC program among students. Feel free to use them and help us.

See you in Berlin

March 13, 2007

David and Pau are going to attend to the upcoming Linux Audio Conference in Berlin next week (LAC2007 for short). The program is really appealing with lots of hands-on sessions. We are presenting the visual prototyping architecture of CLAM along with some live demos. A perfect occasion to get in contact with many people. See you in Berlin!

El Linux Journal parla de CLAM

February 21, 2007

Recentment hem descubert un article a la revista Linux Journal que parla sobre CLAM.

Continua llegint per veure el que el Dave Phillips explica sobre CLAM i les seves aplicacions (està en anglès). És un molt bon feedback!


El Linux Journal habla de CLAM

February 21, 2007

Recientemente hemos descubierto un artículo en el Linux Journal que habla de CLAM.

Continúa leyendo para ver lo que Dave Phillips dice sobre CLAM i sus aplicaciones (en inglés). Es un excelente feedback!


Linux Journal on CLAM

February 21, 2007

We recently discovered a not-so-new article in the Linux Journal with a review of CLAM.

Read on to see what Dave Phillips says about CLAM and its apps. It’s really good feedback!