GSoC Accepted projects


This is the final list of students/projects that have made it into this year’s Google Summer of Code in Clam. Again, we are grateful to Google and to all the students who applied, we are very sorry we could not take all of them:

  • Hernan Ordiales (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina): Real-time spectral transformations
  • Andreas Calvo (UPF, Spain): Plug-in system for a dynamically extensible framework
  • Gregory Ryan Kellum (UPF, Spain): Real-time Spectral Model Synthesizer
  • Ebrahim Kazemzadeh (USC, USA): Clam for Speech
  • Bennet Kolasinski (NYU, USA): Enhancing Clam’s Widgets
  • Roman Goj (Warsaw University, Poland): Enhancing Clam’s chord detection for real-time

We are looking forward a very exciting Summer… of Code!


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